Friday, July 11, 2008

Confessions of a flatmate

This one’s for you, Dev :)
So, if you ask me what’s been up with me and my life, I have only one thing to say... It’s been bloody busy! Nice alliteration, but its true. I have been trying to find a new house/flat to move in to or I have to find a new flat mate before the end of this month, my office is getting shifted to Airport road from MG road. I could have done away with half of these problems only if my roomie was not going back to Pune to be with her mom. Devyani darling, this is not a complaint box I swear, it's only a forum to vent out all the feelings. And you bloody well know that I will miss you. Even though you did not give me those Tobblerone white chocolates, even if you dirtied (you still do) my bathroom by stepping on the wet floor each time, those ghee filled rotis you’ve made and even if you don't disclose where exactly you are going and which company you are joining... I would still keep in touch! I wonder who I’d bitch with, complain to, and make faces at, once you are gone. Hmm…I did NOT mean to make this corny.
I freaked out when I put your perfume bottle down and broke it in to a million pieces. That was worse than how I felt when I stepped on my colleague's i-pod ear phones and broke it, much worse than losing my credit card and getting billed for something which I haven't purchased, however a wee better than leaving my debit card inside the ATM and then forgetting to take it out. Because that leaves you with no other option, but starve for cash till a new card is re-issued to you, which normally takes about a week and a half. The feeling is awful and I am left looking like an idiot!
And to add to the miseries, I did not know which address to give the bank so that they could send me a new ATM card. I can't give my residence address because I do not know where I am shifting to, I cannot give my office address as I do not know when I will be moving to the new premises.
It is nice to know some one weird. The enigma falls behind once you make friends with him/her. You get the freedom to discuss all that is much stranger, eerier and sleazier. I will miss them and the ones I have already talked about – of the condescended contours we have together checked out ;), emolument and ethos; qualities and qualms.
For those of you, who don't know Dev, here are some snippets on this snippet- man shes WEIRD..puff! She had this huge, but adorable dog named Rex, who she sent it back to Pune partly coz of me. But, I can bet she doesn't regret it, and neither do I. Her room will always be the messiest with pieces of clothes (of size zero ;) strewn around everywhere. Moody mostly, but got Phoebe's dry and sarky humour. Oh especially when she kicks Ben's ass. A psycho when she's angry. Gosh! And I thought I was bad, at least I am not destructive. God save whoever is next to her when she blows her top off.
So, what if A***a is still with Mohammed Kaif and chics like N**a always mange to pass the buck to the otherwise unblemished lambs like you know who. Its magical how some of these women who cheat, lie and hurt men, still steer clear of the guilt and get away with it.
For once, I love playing the devil and not an angel : P And we make a pair at that.
FYI- I would have flayed you alive if you had broken my Nina Ricci and shamelessly apologised later.
But hey, thank you for being the weirdest sweetheart ever! :)