Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rann Gopal Varma, RUN!

Before you scratch your head thinking why such a title for a movie maker as maverick as Ram Gopal Varma, i'd say quit.
Quit believing that one day everything is going to be fine as much i'd say this to Bollywood:
Quit trying to portray the scum that exists in our political system.
Quit using cinemas as the medium, which could bring reforms to the corporate world and ease the rotten war between the wealthy industrialists.
Quit giving away idealistic thoughts to the 'junta' who hardly cares now.
Quit the cliche. Quit the stereotypes. Just quit quit quit and SHUT UP!
Ready to rip me apart, flay me alive and dump my ashes in the gutter?
Well...did i manage to spurt goose bumps and instil patriotism in you? If yes, then i have hit the bulls eye -- ever heard of reverse psychology?
May be our film makers should now try making a movie like that with a touch of sarcasm-- of a different genre. It would then make more sense for celebrities to justify the " I am going through the script and i think its going to be a different film" comment they give the press.
One plea -- let it last, don't let the negativity ride you for long. Bring the optimism back on, but things happen only if you work towards it, NOT by believing in it alone.
Don't go by these movies and give up. If they say -- everything's not as rosy as you think. I would say -- nothing is as clumsy as you see.
Okay, i have digressed a lot from the review i wanted to give.
So this is a movie about the current state of affairs of our political system, industrial fiefdom and the so-called omniscient and omnipresent MEDIA.
The plot is promising, but both Ram and Rann fail to deliver.
The portrayal of characters are strong but none has given any striking performance that would go down the memory lane, expect Mr. Bachchan who i am told gave the final speech in the movie in one shot. Clap!
The potential of Gul Panag -- a brilliant actress -- was totally wasted in the movie. She was given lame dialogues, which had no defects yes of course or EFFECTS.
Neetu Chandra, famous/notorious (will let you decide that) for her must-show cleave attitude, had no part to play either, except that last cry of loss and solitude.
Riteish Deshmukh -- i believe this lad can act, but in a film as cut-throat as this, he was taken for a different purpose, which is anybody's guess. Am sure his father is a proud man post Rann.
Sudeep is the only one who has room to showcase his acting skills and to stand tall. He manages to stand tall -- literally, but he turns out to be a disaster with the thick South Indian accent and the zippo lighter, which drew more attention than his character.
Amitabh Bachchan -- He must be used to playing the ethical and most righteous father, who deals with the mirth and the filth of the doings of his son. I'll keep it short. It was a job well done by Mr. B again.
And i sum it up this way-- watch it only if you know nothing about what's going on in the country.
The bloggers and documentaries tell better tales.
I honestly think it was another effort busted! The movie is not doing well at the box office either.
Here's my verdict: You rather run than watch Rann.