Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An eye for an eye-PL

Crickmicks amaze me and bring in the big Q- Why do I follow these matches ardently? Every time I am in front of the idiot box to watch a match, I had had to swap names with it. I am crazy about the game, I don’t know if it’s fair to use the present tense anymore because I have the television right in front of me with the Indo-Pak match going on and I am not even bothered. There was this time when I used to get glued to my seat in front of the TV set whenever India played, even if it was with the easiest of our rivals. The excitement of an India- Pakistan match needs no explanation. And now, when India has slaughtered the Pak team with 330 runs on board and Pak struggling with only 180 and 9 wickets down. And India wins! Pakistan 190 all out...applaud, over and out!
So what is the matter now? Where is all that "Its an India-Pak match today and i want to take off from work" gone ?
I wonder if it’s the post-IPL effect and all those gimmicks that came along with it- Bhaji slapping, Sree crying...Yuck! King Khan's tiff with Dada, the Royally Challenged fiasco with Charu getting fired..What not!
Oh yeah, not to forget the Mumbai Non-Indian cheer leaders and the length of their skirts, which was blown out of proportion. Thanks to the media. Thanckeray.
The game is finding new ways to take the seriousness out of it. It started with the Mand-era and her bloopers. But, she managed catching many an eye with those noodle straps and tri-colour saris. Some were caught, while some others clean bowled.
We are getting an overdose of the game and its getting on my nerves. Its all about the money now, however, the effort to raise it to the EPL (English Premier League) level is still a little far fetched. I can still take the game and the players, even while they are on the ramp, but what I cannot take is the intrusion of Bollywood. Why can’t each one stick to ones own profession and enjoy the game back home. Be a fan and no more. We don't need film stars sitting around, deciding the strategies of the team and reviewing the game plan for crying out loud.
Cricket is considered a religion in this country, (a) coz we are good at it (b) coz of the massive fan-following. I can’t think of more reasons at this stage, but am sure there are many more.
The IPL, which is the brainchild of the BCCI, is backed by the ICC (International Cricket Council). I don't know why it should be "the great revenue generator" for the already richest cricketing body in the world. But, it will be nice to see half of the dough going to charity, some of it going to the development of other games and sports in the country and only the remaining shared among the cricketers, the board and the body.
And then I would love to endorse it- "An eye for an IPL match".
*Issued in public interest.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jingles all the way!

"Everyday i want to fly, stay by my side..." I have my colleague in splits every time i hum the tune -- forget singing it. He titters each time I start singing, especially those silly ad jingles which keep resonating in my mind. I am pathetic when it comes to singing, i simply CANNOT sing. NO, not even to save my life! But, that doesn't stop me from humming my favourite tunes. It’s my right! Ah! And it’s your right to criticize. Alright, alright...Truce :)

Talk about ad jingles and the ones i most remember from my childhood are the ones like " Humhara Bajaj" with a tinge of patriotism, "I am a growing girl look how i am shooting up.." from the Complan ad and " jab main chota bacha tha , badi shararat karta tha, meri chori pakdi jaati , roshni deta Bajaj" -- my growing-up memoirs, not to forget the sexy sassy Liril ad & jingle "Laa laralarala laa laaa laaa". These are few of my favourites. I am sure i have left out many more from my repertoire.
The most recent ones I prefer include the Hutch-Vodafone, Bacardi, Tata Safari and shockingly the "shock laga laga shock laga" one. Chuckle..this time its self!

#Tresaured Trivia: The best claim to the first jingle is General Mills, who aired the world’s first singing commercial; it was a radio bite entitled "Have You Tried Wheaties" - backtracked to 1926.

It takes no time for us to start crooning when we hear some really catchy tune and most often it translates in to a chain, every one around you get caught with the same popular tune with each of them singing one after the other. It becomes duet first and later chorus.
So, now i am a (self) PRO-claimed SINGER of jingles and i don’t need to take singing lessons anymore. Not like i would have otherwise.
Talking of taking lessons, i have wanted to enroll myself at the SDIPA (Shiamak Davar Institue of Performing Arts) as well as at the Mezclao Acedemy for Salsa classes for quite sometime. No, i don’t have two left feet. I absolutely love dancing. It’s a great stress buster and this will help me meet like-minded people at these institutes.
With the upsurge in singing/dancing competitions on TV, the concept of one-in-a-million talent has gone for a toss. Every second person you meet can either sing or dance and if not for these two, they become stand-up comedians. Tickling one's funny bone is the toughest among the three, even though most jokes these days are based on politicians, movie stars and the husband-wife relationship.
The only times when commercials come as relief to me are between the "star singer/dancer" programs. I love those breaks so that i can resume the karaoke.
And I sing. *Jingle sells jingle sells. Jingle all the way…

Tresapass on my site-let me know your favourite jingle :)