Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Celebrating womanhood!

Today has been a disastrous one for me so far- I walk in to the office wearing my bathroom slippers (no more ROFLs, please), I get a correction on one of my stories and I trash a 100 rupee sodexho pass along with used tissues.

The worst one- I narrate everything with the innocence of an infant to my male colleagues, who can’t help but pick on women yet again! I wont call them MCPs; no, not all of them. But, why the heck do they think women can’t keep anything to themselves? The reason why I said not all are chauvinists is because of the use of words. Journalists and circumlocution! We sifted through various topics immediately from sense of fashion to the latest Bond- Daniel Craig. I finally manage to get Kudos for not liking him for his "good" looks. Relief! So one of them actually gives me a compliment saying "yeah that’s 'cause you are one of the sensible few" ;) I don't know how easily he jumped to that conclusion. Well. Not that I am complaining. The joy was short lived when I realised what the intention behind such an off-tangent compliment was. He wanted to see my bathroom slippers. He wanted to see if it was the usual pink one with butterflies/flowers on it. What a meanie (don't care if this sounds chic-ish)! No, they were much worse as a matter of fact. They were not the usual flip flops. Hey, wait a minute. I have already been warned that I give too much away in my blog. So I’ll skip the gory details of my fashion fiasco.

We (guess we did) celebrated "daughter's day" a couple of weeks ago. The woman, the mother, and now the daughter. I won’t be surprised if they go on adding to "the days" with aunt, sister, mothers in law all lined up. And finally 365 days won’t suffice for our celebration.

I am yet to understand the need for separate days for celebrating ones existence. And despite all of this balderdash, there is no rest to truculence.

Yeah time to get serious about minimal things, but significant ones. Niketa Mehta was only lucky to get justice from Him at the right time and that’s what you call Nick of Time, Ms Mehta!

I do not know why there was still an intrusion, later a big hullbaloo in to/on someone's private life. 

I am not campaigning for/against MTPs here. But, the whole judicial system arguing and spending ages on one little (ok may be not little) thing about a distressed woman not wanting a child fearing health issues (for the baby) is ridiculous. Such a sensitive issue was handled so irresponsibly by everyone around. Alas!

Without sounding like a feminist and trying hard not to get driven by those instincts, i would like to highlight another incident-now this ones funny! Ever heard of a woman paying alimony to her estranged hubby, and in India that too? I am sure there are umpteen other cases, not many reported though. This one case was interesting as the man in question had apparently lost his job and was going through a financial/emotional trauma with the divorce. The daughter comes to his rescue and convinced the mother to pay her father in distress. And the rest is history. Alls well that ends well!

I don't want to be the weaker sex, coz we are no more. We don't need reservation! How I wish the rest of the world echoed this sentiment! Anyways…there is no compromise on one thing though- we are definitely the more attractive sex.  Alright, I know what you are thinking, you men! *you are still the one made to suffer*DUH! Who cares? And we definitely don't fancy writing our names with pee (read Binoy and men like him ;)

Even amongst the dumbest of leaders there are some things to look forward to. Like our dear Sarah Palin, the U.S. Republican vice-presidential nominee, who recently threw up a few of the funniest quotes ever, of course, coming only second to Bushism:

Sarah Palin and Joe Biden took the stage in St. Louis for the vice-presidential debate, answering a first round of questions about the economy. Biden criticized the Bush administration, saying the country has suffered "the worst economic policies we've ever had." Palin said one way to gauge how bad the situation is would be to attend a child's soccer game and listen to parents: "I betcha you're going to hear some fear," she said. [Source: The Wall Street Journal]

So while Bush managed to badge the title of a clown, Palin was easily able to dodge her critics with glamour -- the latest victim of that being the Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari who was drooling at the former beauty queen and later invited trouble from all the feminists back home.

*Treasured trivia: A search by Reuters found that a 44-second video of Sarah Palin in a swimsuit in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant had been viewed more than 700,000 times on the YouTube website since being posted on September 26.

When so much is being said about racism and discrimination, I don't know how many women would take a sexist comment lightly. May be it all depends on who tells what! 

Guys, bring it on! But, hey...

Some things do change. To WOO-manhood!!!! ;)



Ghetufool said...

what a boring girlie post. yawn ...

Poopsicle said...

hehe...i knw it was meant to be!

Ace of Spades said...

ghetu is a ****ing **** **** ****** ***. dont mind poopsy. keep woo(ing) manhood!!! ;)

Trauma Queen said...

the men in ur office who r so brainwashed by cliches sound like wannabes who r desperate to get gf's.

correct me if I am wrong

Poopsicle said...

A very blatant comment to make, Trauma queen. Does the piece give out such a notion? I am sorry if it does. And isn't it better NOT to generalise? There are specimens everywhere, mademoiselle ;)