Friday, November 7, 2008

Ah-tattooed huh?

To get ink on one's body is not a joke, at least i like to believe so. So many of my friends had been wanting to get one done and am proud to say i beat them all. Alright, i will mellow it down a tad bit.
But, trust me, those squirms were worth it all, especially when i got to see the end product. 

Its funny how words don't flow naturally when you get conscious of what you write. Here I am , weighing every word, thinking twice before i pen down each line. This one goes out to all those who wanted me to write about my tattoo experience.  Thanks Pav, Div, Deep, Asha, Aditi, Babu and Rajesh-you rock!

It's that time of the day when people twitch and turn in bed and being a complete sluggard i would do nothing but that on a Sunday morning. still makes the wee hours of dawn as far as i am concerened especially post a late previous night out and here i was, up at 9, in fact sprung up when my flatmate called and my phone buzzed. "Its tattoo time dudette, you have an appointment at 10," she said. " F*** the appointment i wana sleep.." is all i could think at that particular moment. But, she didn't give up, the darling that she is, Deeps makes sure she does the job assigned to her with full commitment and so she did, even if the Bee chickened out from accompanying me only to get back to her slumber mode. Hmm...I still forgive you, honey. 

This was my second day at Zorba tattooes, not because the first round of rendevouz with the artist went stale. It was as enthralling as it could ever get, the designs, the reassurance, the atmosphere and the people--they were all fantastic. Only, the bits and pieces on the "after care" which made me a little unsure about getting one done on a Saturday. I would have had to give up all that fun and frolic, which some of us yearn for, once a week. Yeah, call me a bimbette for doing so, but am fine and glad i didn't the same day. 

Aditi did (yes she DID a tattoo) one the same day. PS/- No change of name here to protect identities ;)  A mother of two pretty lasses, she is as cool as cucumber with no signs of sores or remorse. That inspired me, but to think again for a lady who has gone through labour pain twice, this one would obviously be a cake walk and that got me more apprehensive. The last thing i want is me yelling and jumping outta the hotseat the moment those needles went down my skin. Ouch. That would be something..But what the F? If it was as icky and arduous as i thought it was, then howcome so many of them flaunt one-on the back, the neck, arms, thighs and on all the wrong rather right places? Okay, the known drama queen i am , i wont burlesque this wonderful art anymore.

Back to the Sunday morning flash- I reach 45 minutes late, this time it was only the three of us- a lot fewer from the pervious day's jing bang crowd who did a lot to make it easier on Aditi, who really didn't require all the jazz. Anyways. While, i had my numbing lotion on, Asha got to chose what she wanted. After an hour with the ointment, which could NOT quite numb my senses, Rajesh got on to some serious work. The nervousness was something that of a child getting on stage for an extempore for the first time. For me it was a little worse than that. 
The first prick-NOTHING and i felt relieved. To be honest i did not even realise the needle bristles on my back. I was excited and shouted "go for it" . He was only outlining it; the feeling is quite inexplicable-it was ticklish, irritating , scratchy all at the same time. Thank God it aint painful was all i gasped!
It took him about an hour to finish the outline while my buddies kept me busy. I was so restless and couldn't wait for him to be done with it. Once the outline was done, i thought the job was much easier and that the filling won't take too long. It's like face painting right? I thought.
Hell broke free when he started filling..gosh and the naive me thought it was over. This was more of a swearing, writhing in pain; huffing and puffing session when more foes i mean friends decided to join in. They were going ga-ga over the design and also ga-gagging me, asking me to shut up and not to flutter or else my butterfly would.. leaving only a mark on my back instead of a well-researched design.

Then there was Babu who kept the spirits up with his Congo. He plays such amazing Congo that you almost forget why you are there and for what. No, let me get the air of cynicism cleared. It was only a tattoo that i was getting done. Yeah i know no big sh**. 
But, for a person who used to screech and run at the sight of a syringe, this was an achievement. Again, so i like to believe. The design was superb, the colours were fab and the hurt was nothing compared to what you got in return. So here i come to the tattoo world and i plan to get another one soon. Yes,  it is so darn addictive-both the tattooes and that oohs, which follow. agree you cronies? Some attitude i say! :)


Pointblank said...

hey girl... ur blog rocks! Keep writing. This is one of ur seniors from STC.. Take care and have fun!

Poopsicle said...

Hey Pointblank,
Thanks a lot :) I see that you have a quite popular one yourself...would love to know who this senior is..really!

sawan said...

tattoooo :-) congratz girlie.. i still think temp tattoos should do the work.. ur writing inspired me though :-)

Poopsicle said...

Am glad it did, Sawan :)

Ace of Spades said...


1. what did you get?
2. i got a tatooo
1. god bless you!

Trauma Queen said...

how about posting a photo of ur tat?

Poopsicle said...

Trauma u go..have posted the pic :)

sawan said...

loooong time.. no updates!!!

catch me said...

So, this is what you do during office time. Dont worry let me catch u in the act. Further, i never knew u could write so well, good going kid, keep it up. By the way dont try to find out who i am, i simply cannot, its not ur cup of tea.

Poopsicle said...

catch me- pls identify urself i don't usually ack strangers' comments ;) so i'll save my thank you till i get to knw who exactly u dude