Monday, May 5, 2008

Bells, belles and bellies

It is summer time folks, the time of the year when laziness creeps in -- the surge in temperatures, the scorching sun, the dehydrated bodies, the humidity, all that sweat..what makes me lazier than the usual lazy person i am. I guess that explains my AWOL from the blog site for long. I am not the indoor kinds, i am not the outdoor types either especially during this weather. sigh! If only i had a choice. Okay, that's the boring me for you, when people write poems, spread the messages of love, lust and the likes, bird watch all during the summers, i really cant think of better things to do. Not in the southern part of India at least (Bangalore summers is equally pathetic these days), which is located at xx degree longitude, yy degree latitude, zz degree altitude and xyz CLOSE to the equator. Decipherment- i think the ones nearest to the equator are the hottest places on the earth. Yes, my geography sucks, does the weather. So be it!
I want to start gymming, i want to get rid of that dirty paunch, just that.. you see, and i am confident that i'd get back in shape soon...Its no big deal, its so darn easy with those crunches and in 2-3 weeks it will be gone, some self motivation i say! But nothings stopping me from what i usually do and what i want to do-- i cant stop hogging, i cant wake up early-- nope, not in this weather (will think of a better excuse during winters;) i cant sweat it out because the heat/perspiration is already killing.
Now what? okay, with the "no short-cuts to success" adage pricking my conscience i decide to work something out, i have decided to work out. And work hard at it.
I reach office, i Google for the best gyms around my living place, get the numbers, think of the best time to go and by the time i am ready to roll the much gathered inspiration becomes short-lived. As if them being short cuts were not enough. * I need no gymming, its a only the shmaall lil belly that needs to go. Think i can get rid of it with those simple stomach crunches everyday. That's awesome display of fortitude and determination. Sarcasm!* Isn't it? And it continues...
Let me think of reasons why i need to get an hour glass:
1) wedding Bells - no way! There is a long way to go before . So am off that road for now. I have many girl friends who'd give up anything for that 36-26-36.. Oh ! c'mon no one has a 24 in the middle these days and I have seen many more moiling right before their MMMM D-day.
2) other Belles - nope, not really. why would i care unless i have competition ;) *psst psst there comes the petite B**** and why does Kareena look so anorexic in Tashan? Is that the latest "tashan" ?
3) beer Bellies - i am a teetotaller.
I don't have 10 reasons with me for toiling it out for the "miss perfect ten" sash while I have hundred why i don't have to.
Time to change --the weather, the mood, the sloth and the shoes. Have a million reasons why you should try and not give up. So whats motivating? Well, tell me i cant and i will prove you wrong. Ridicule me and i accept the challenge. Write me off and i will show u..uff!!!! Fish it man!
It is spring time- i know it is as Google had lots of flowers on its logo on one of the days in the last week of March. And May 26 is Spring Holiday in the UK. I am looking forward to it. No, i am not in the UK yet, i am only/also a part of a job outsourced. And whoever thought journalism could not be outsourced! But its fun, u get holidays for reasons u don't know of and the days when everyone else is slogging. Not to forget the comp offs for working on Indian hols. So smiling now and the swift change in mood. Pick up a reason why you want to cut those flabs out (I reiterate i don't have too many of them). *Imagining again:That nice svelte satin evening wear, the sexy navel piercing, a tattoo or two. Sigh! Not too far away i mean. Yes Tres, go for it! :)
Moral -You can get out from the sultriness and sluggishness to lots of colour and activity in a jiffy. Its all in the mind.


Ritesh Saurabh said...

fatness doesn't help whether u don't have or have 10 reasons.

Poopsicle said...

U bet it doesn't :)