Monday, April 14, 2008

A 'glorified' p(i)lot against an MP

Its been some days since the drama unfolded. We have a memeber of parliament fighting for his rights as an MP on one side and an Air India pilot who says he was violated on the other. And just when we thought the tussle, which has more to do with ego now, will get nastier, the Muslim League Member of Par-lie-ment from Kerala, Abdul Wahab, has agreed to forget all the "bitterness" . The reason for such a retraction is funny. He said he wants to let "bygonesbe bygones", a week after he called flight Captain Rajat Rana of Air India a "glorified driver". The pilot had asked Wahab to get off the plane after an argument over his latecoming. Well, there are different versions of the same story. The flight could not have been possibly delayed due to an MP and the fight between him and the pilot not getting resolved on board. So, please respond if anyone was on the same flight as them. I left this piece incomplete last week, now when i want to wrap it up i cant remember what went wrong to call it an issue, a controversy. So much for a follow up, so much for information bombardment-the stuff we call intelligent information here in Thomson-Reuters...
Yeah, so my point here is very simple- when the "right of common man against that of politician" was becoming a big controversy through the context and may be a little interesting (ofcourse much lesser than the IPL matches) it went back in to the hush mode.
The last debatable material was the "MP threatening to move a privilege motion in the parliament against Mr. Rana, the pilot of the plane, who maintained that he was only safe guarding the passenger's interest. We had a perfect scenario for a "Voice of the People" talk show sorta thing.
Things took a different turn when the Indian Commercial Pilots Association retaliated back saying it would file a defamation suit against the "lawmaker" after he called the pilot a "glorified driver".
Okay, that was just another autopsy done on something long forgotten. Whilst the argument on special rights of special people continues...
Rushing the wrap and this might seem pretty unnerving to many as i am doing it without making a point. But i swear i will get back with a firmer foothold. I dont want to delay this any further and forget the importance of timeliness. So posting!

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