Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Anger Management

Grrr...Words do NOT come out when i am angry, but they are now, means i am not hot (you stereotypical a**h** its not what you think it is). And that interjection used is only to add that emotive quotient to my first post just like how we use those slimy smileys all the while. HA..
Well, i think i am aberrating here and i dont like it. If Anger can be described as an elevated form of impatience, the kinda feeling each one of us goes through at least once a life time; like when you want to piddle in a mall and there is a humungus queue at the restrooms/toilets, you lose it (pls read - not your bladder control for GS!).
Digression 2- These English have a funny way of naming certain things and places like please someone make them understand that a place one pees is an emergency room and not a place to rest for crying out loud(I just had to). There i go, another deviation from the main sub. Anyone losing patience yet coz there are more of these drifts to come.
Yeah, so my point rather question here is, can anger be called as impatience at its peak? Comments, thoughts, ideas anyone?
Anger - A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility, says Answers.com. If it is so why do we get angry with people who we love to talk to, with our friends, family and our well wishers? So there is more to it than a simple definition of sorts or so i think. I am one of the hottest (pun intended if you wish ;) heads around. Be it within my friends circle, in my family or buddies. I blow up for the silliest of reasons. I love people and hate them the very next minute. When angry of course. Nope, not a hypocritical bitch at that yet.
I am only trying to figure out whats wrong or special with my analytical and anatomical build. And i know i am not alone here. I am sure i will get umpteen friends' requests if i start a whimsically paranoid hot headed community in Orkut. For all the wrong reasons. Grrr again and digression 3) stay off u duds those who want to "make frandship with me" only coz you think i have a cute smile.
Getting back to anger management, i have been thinking of making a "casual" visit to the the closest shrink for a very long time. Snarl!!! Giving a second thought as i want to try those conventional methods first- yoga, meditation, blah blah blah. Easier still- write, talk, yell and finish it off. Trust me it works. If i flare up at the drop of a hat i cool down within the same time frame or with words of apology or love. Or whenever i dont then i sob. Now i write. Any takers? lol
PS/- Fresh ways of tackling anger (al)most welcome.


aspirin said...

I absolutely love this piece.... ur 'digressions' are better than the core content itself.Now, lemme call u about this and get u pissed... to test the aforementioned theory !

Jude said...

Anger is a state where you lose control and the other person gains. Get hold of yourself first! Some people use anger as a ventilation tool...not the best medium, while some act angry to achieve thier purpose. What's ur style...lose control or remote control?

Poopsicle said...

My style? ;) ahemmmm...LOSE CONTROL!!!!