Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spatial issues between Mars and Venus

Marriages are made in heaven. What about relationships ? In space?
I say space because thats one recurrent word in all affiliations. The more you get involved with a person, the closer you get to his/her ideologies whether right or wrong. But, you need to give him space (i would only use 'him' henceforth for reasons too clear). Aargh!
Space here refers to the time he'd like to have for, of and by himself with no interruptions from any one, mind you no one, although it is annoying to give him that kinda space WHEN he wants. I consider talking as a more effective tool than aloofness during those 'testing' times. Its better that you vent out all the frustration on the person who understands you the most than just brood and waste time. Saves a lot. The time wiled away could also have been frutiful at whatever else you did other than sulk. "u no wat.. lemme fix my life.. i dun wan u 2 b a part of it for sumtime"- this simply doesnt work! I know a lot of them who also stay away from the 'soothing convos' to get away from silly arguments later, which are indispensable. I completely empathise, but dude keeping quiet is not quite an option either. Like i mentioned in my earlier post- love and shove, gel and yell, dream and scream. All together. Yesssssss corny, i know..well it was meant to be.
Does he still want space? I 'd rather let him join NASA.

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