Thursday, March 27, 2008

Head on with Ekta!

I am definitely not talking about unity here as for that we are already overtly endorsing ourselves as the only nation where you find "Unity in Diversity". I am a proud Indian. Lets leave it at that.

Well, this Ekta is a lot different from the english synonym for her name. I am talking of the maestro of a,b,c,...K-series here. Different i say for the portrayal of so many characters in her productions. I dont see any ekta (unity) in them. All i hear about are stories of mothers-in- law illtreating their daughters -in-law and vice versa. And about 'i am the ideal bharitiya naari' type women surrounded by scantily- clad vamps trying to make lives difficult. For everyone! So many colours and so many beautiful people stuck in all the wrong places. If not for anything watch them for the make-overs, accessories, FINISH. Yeah, i'd love to see them finish, someday.

We are talking about the Jumping Jack Junior , Ekta Kapoor, now for reasons not known to many. Let me explain. Some day i want to have my own production house, which makes good sitcoms, which will tickle your funny bone. I will produce reality shows too. or may be a mix of both. What about a remake of "Friends" ? I would cast my self in Monica's role- the finicky and the best cook among them. *wicked smiley *blushing * Or "How I met you mother"- For those of you yet to watch these series , its truly hilarious.

My colleague even had an idea that he could not sell at the appropriate time - A show featuring Buddhiya - the world's youngest marathon runner and Prince, the six-year old boy rescued from a deep pit where he was trapped for more than two days. If you ask me why the two, then their grit speak volumes. I am ready to buy it even now, or even five years down the line when the two grow up and media forget them. leave them alone and when i have my own production house or/ and a news chanel which wont bother doing stories like "how a stray dog caused an airline in Bangalore to make an emergency landing" (post on it coming soon:). Wishful thinking, is it? SIGH!
Whatever. But message to Ekta is clear, stop making those torturous mega serials or get ready to phase out to Oh!mega.. being the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

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