Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Run Lola Run

I dont know if it is the regional bias which gets me addited to Lola Kutty or if it is genuinely the humour that is more than titillating. Eitherways, i love the way she gets going in her so called 'mal' accent. There is another kid on the block going the Lola way now. I saw her on Channel-V Campus Star and she was quite impressive. She did a wonderful job emanating Lola and preferred calling herslef Ammu Kutty - an easier name to relate to within Kerala. Ammu Kutty or Rachel, which is her real name, was funny too. I wonder where these guys get the inspiration for such satires from. There was a general dearth of jocularity and wit in the reel world for so long and this has given rise to innovations Full marks to Lola and her creative team for capitalising on the "God given opportunity ". Lola aka Anuradha Menon herself hails from the God's Own Country. So credits also go to my mallu comrades for being such good sports.
Mallus come second to Sardars vis-a-vis jokes made on a community, or may be its a close call. I dont know, but I used to take offence earlier and thought people were rude . I realise i was irrational and silly. Now, i take pride in being party to spoofs of any forms. Afterall, we are a community wide and large, spread across countries, continents and planets...or anywhere in the universe! Heard of Appu Kuttan Nair's chai kada (tea shop) on the moon yet? They serve amazing vadas and bondas ;)
Sohhh...Lola aandy keep rohcking! Trala LOLA la...

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