Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dhoni, Thackeray, Chidambaram and RAKHI SAWANT!

V/O- No, this is not one of those puzzles you get in an aptitude test -- to find out whats common between them or to strike the odd one out. To the ones who thought it was a game and made their own rules, i'd definitely like to know how many struck Miss Sawant out. LOL

This is about the media coverage each of them got in the past one month. I saw this ad on one of the daily broadsheets about a news channel, flaunting its coverage. Yeah, the advertisement of a news channel on a newspaper, which has a news channel of its own. Its not a big deal if you call that benevolence in a dog-eat-a-dog world. I'd like to call it 'mediaocrity magnanimity'- the new mantra of making money as news get transalted in to pure business. Now, its all about ads, viewerships and TRPs, the criterion that indicates the popularity of a channel , which later becomes very useful for the advertisers.

So, this channel as i was saying was talking about its coverage on a lot of events that took place recently. They said they beat most of the counterparts with their observation, analysis, and report on the Twenty-twenty cricket victory, the Raj Thackeray controversy, the financial budget and some more. If you are still thinking where Rakhi fits in, oh well she can sneak in anywhere and at anytime. Believe me!

The same channel's ostentation on how it leads with the maximum market share on the "news that matter" was proved by Rakhi's apperance on it a couple of days ago. It was not a simple cameo role for her. It was way beyond that. She was on primetime and her antics managed a bloody 10 minute slot on the channel. The story lacked only a flash, which was easily overidden by the star herself. And guess what the feature was about this time around -"Rakhi Sawant's item number being removed from the movie KRAZZY 4!". They got Rakhi puffing, panting, bantering, praying and crying on television. Wow... whatta story!

I dont want to question the ethics of journalism. Nor is this an attempt to vex the Fourth Estate. But, i would like to question ad guru Prahlad Kakkar's logic cum reasoning to whatever is going on after he said the media tell (verb to be soon replaced with sell) and show what the public wants to know. It could be true once i put it simpler--it caters to the tastes and views of the m-asses. That way, a job well done.

But, is that all people want to know about? Is the idea of creating sensation taken too literally that you have discussions on an actor's love life and keep betting on how long the star will spot a tattoo of his girl friend's name on his hand? I dont know. Beats me. I am yet to learn the art of 'page 3' reporting. I'd love to some day to satisfy my EQ (entertainment quotient). But as for now, i am happy being an amateur. I am done with my voice over.

PTC (Peace to Camera) - No more TV today. May be tomorrow ;)


Murahari K said...

Good one!!!

aspirin said...

fantastic write up.i stand up in ovation poop... !!
i dint flinch one bit for the entire read.keep them coming.