Monday, April 7, 2008

Locking horns!

Today is World Health Day. It marks the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) 60 years ago. Guess how our country is contributing to the global health awareness campaign this time? The traffic department of India's financial capital, which has a vehicle population of about a million and a half, has asked people to observe a 'No Honking Day' today. As BBC reports, the initiative organised by Mumbai's traffic police, is an attempt to educate the city's 1.5 million drivers to be more considerate while driving. I do not know if this is a plan, implemented by the cops, keeping in mind the long-term benefits to be reaped in heaps. If it is so, then i think it is a brilliant and bold first step to eradicate one of the lesser global evils. Ok, i am not sure about 'lesser' but definitely an 'evil ' because noise pollution takes a major toll on your health. I also do not know how successful this campaign was in Mumbai to take cues from it . People had different views on it with some who said driving in Mumbai without honking is next to impossible. Nevertheless, it is a very good effort i must say. Such campaigns should not be confined only as an annual event; it should be done more often with ample support pouring in from both the private as well as the public sectors.
I am at the IT capital and i wish cops in the city also took proactive measures like these rather than penalising drivers using high beam in certain areas. Wish they focused more on curbing the high pollution levels in Bangalore than do those silly acts of moral policing by banning dancing in clubs. The once garden city with only the rustle of leaves and chirps of migratory birds is now the hub of atrocious high decibel levels. Research says vehicular noise even increases stress levels. So lets follow suit, please honk only when its most necessary or make blowing one's own horn a punishable offence. A definite pun there! :)

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