Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I broke down at nothing, for nothing. That was not the first time. I have undergone such internal conflicts many a time before , but yesterday i just could not handle it. I was cranky, crazy and crappy and so were my reasons. I dont know how many people have reached the same threshold as i have, but all i know is that it was meaningless and beyond anyone's comprehension. It is the time when you are only millimeters away from solitude, which is also the almost preferred thing at that particular moment. You need time for yourself, but you also want the whole world to listen to your feelings. You are perplexed and spiteful, all at the same time. I'd even go a little further and be a sadist and wish 'some' others went through the same innnervations as i did. I am at my weirdest . What i write or do may not make any sense to anyone other than me. Its okay if noone relates to this one piece. I dont want anyone to understand how i feel. Not obstinate at that yet. I am writing this coz it makes me feel lighter-- in many ways. This could be the most bizarre topic anyone has ever written about. Sometimes its better to confuse yourself today than get convinced tomorrow that you were wrong yesterday. I leave catechization to priests., while I am still on a mission- the one that of confusion and final introspection!


gypsy said...

i love this pic T! :-)

Poopsicle said...
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Poopsicle said...

Thanks Gypsy :) thts a mug shot taken by one of my colleagues while doing the graveyard shift in Reuters..